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Our Story

Our purpose is to award scholarships to deserving Christian students in an effort to encourage them to realize success through higher learning.


1896 - 1987

Fannie B. Bailey was born on August 5, 1896 in Grenada, Mississippi. She graduated from Campbell College in Jackson, Mississippi and taught school in Torrance, Mississippi. In 1917 Fannie married Edward Joe Bailey and together they raised two children. She was a successful beloved and devoted schoolteacher. Her teaching skills continued with her own children and persisted through five generations.

She was best known as a child of God, an ardent Christian, a dedicated educator, a loving mother, a caring friend, and a contributor to the lives she enriched.

Fannie was always a promoter of Christian education. Her main thrust was in the Sunday School Department of her church, both as teacher and a student. She was an enthusiastic supporter of children learning the word of God as well as academics. Her love for children gave her joy and happiness.

In years to come, we pray that more students will be recipients of the Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarships and through this, her desire to help educate young people will live on.

1918- 2014

Bernce J. Reever Founder/President

After the death of Fannie B. Bailey, her daughter Bernice J. Reever established a memorial scholarship fund. The first meeting to establish policies and guidelines to enact governing laws was held September 2, 1987 and it was agreed to name the non-profit organization the Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation. Under the direct leadership of Bernice Reever did the Foundation move forward to assist countless students desiring to further their education until she seceded.

Carolyn Hunter- President Emeritus/Retired

She accepted the position in 2006 as the President of the Fannie. B Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation. She was one of the original organizers who attended the first meeting in 1987. Her outstanding leadership has made an indelible mark on our students who are striving for success. She shares a core belief that knowledge is powerful and a Christian education is paramount! She retired from J.C. Penny after 44 years of service. Her assertion of “I Do It for the Kids” has inspired the Foundation Board members. We stood strong and committed behind her and we continued to work together!

Our Purpose

Christian Graduates Overcoming Challenges By Faith 

The purpose of the Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation is to award scholarships to deserving Christian students in an effort to encourage them to realize success through higher learning.

It is the desire of this Foundation to instill in each student the following:

  • The development of a positive concept.
  • The enhancement of goal setting skills
  • A recognition and understanding of the richness of our Black heritage.
  • A high visibility of the need and benefits of advanced education.
  • An unwavering belief that all things are possible through Christ.

The Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation firmly believes that high academic achievements must be balanced with a strong Christian education foundation.


The Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation was organized after the demise of Mother Fannie. B. Bailey. The family of Mother Bailey received monetary gifts in lieu of flowers and since Mother Bailey was a profound believer in Higher Education, the family agreed to set up a Memorial Scholarship Fund and donated the initial award of $500.00.

On September 2, 1987 a meeting was called in the home of her daughter, Bernice J. Reever and present were Irene Reed, Carolyn Hunter, Sandy Scranton, Sarah Simpson, and Pastor Joseph Lee Jr.

They thoroughly discussed and with mutual agreement organized the Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation. On September 6, 1987 it was incorporated into the Heavenly Vision Missionary Baptist Church.

Meet Our Board Members 

Denise Y. Boone


Ethel Campbell

Treasurer Emeritus

Marlene Hannibal


Monique Parks

Screening Committee Chairperson

Marjani Pratt

Screening Committee

James M. Reever


Brande P.


Media Manager

Ellen Scott

Secretary/Screening Committee

Kipenzi Chidinma


Dejah Prude


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