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Our Beneficiaries

Meet the students whom we’ve helped pursue higher learning through scholarships.

Our Past Recipients

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

- Philippians-4:13 KJV

Kristopher Hall

California State University, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Science Degree

“The Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation has long supported and been around since I was young. They have always provided great resources and opportunities to help further my education. Having constant support is very beneficial while pursuing your education/career, because sometimes things can be challenging.

I look forward to maintaining my relationship with the foundation & helping future students/graduates along the way.”

Amanda Scurlock

University of Southern California

Masters of Science Degree in Journalism

“The Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship was very helpful to me as it provided much needed funds for when I had to buy books and school supplies. When random fees popped up, the scholarship money helped me pay them off. Their annual programs were also extremely uplifting. When going through the stressful rigors of college learning, it was good to know that this organization was here to support me.

It was also great to see other beneficiaries of the scholarship come back and share their stories and wisdom during these programs. Thank you for all the hard work in keeping this foundation going!

Thank you!”

Eric Banks Jr.

University of California, Berkley

Bachelor of Science Degree

“How grateful I am to be a recipient of the Fannie B Bailey scholarship because it allowed me to have my basics needs met so I could devote my time in order to be successful at UC Davis.”

Monique Parks

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Bachelor of Arts Degree - Psychology

“How it started…. I was a sophomore at Cal State Dominguez Hills! Living on campus trying to figure out life! Happy to be receiving money to help with books, parking pass and essential items for school! Things that you don’t know you need until you need them! Boom!! College graduate with A BA in Psychology ready to take on the world! No student loans and I was on my way!!!

Its programs like the Fannie B Bailey foundation that really helps the youth and the community succeed!! This was a proud moment for my entire family! What’s up now? I love being the HR Specialist for Palisades Charter High School! I’m proud of my journey and would love to help others!

Thank you!”

Victor Campbell

Keller Graduate School of Management

"I am thankful for the Fannie B Bailey Scholarship Fund. With the aid of this illustrious foundation, I was able to pursue and achieve my educational goals as an engineer. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and furthered my education achieving a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration.

I appreciate all the life lessons that the Fannie B Bailey Scholarship Fund has taught me and will continue to do for our youth in the community.

Thank you."

Candra Reed

University Southern California

Master’s Degree in Science, Global Medicine

“When I was attending University of California Irvine (UCI) for my Bachelors and University of Southern California (USC) for my Masters, the funds that I received from them helped me pay for some of my books and ALL of my school supplies. I’m grateful to God for what they have done for me so it is such an Honor to be an Alumni. Amazing mission and absolutely amazing church.

I am now the Program Manager at a Healthcare Facility specifically working with eating disorders.”

Dejah Prude

University of California, Irvine

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology

“I received a scholarship as I worked towards completing my BA degree in sociology from the University of California, Irvine. The scholarship helped me to buy necessary textbooks and supplies so that I could have the necessary tools for my course studies. I successfully graduated in 2007. Having a scholarship definitely helped to alleviate some financial stress as I worked towards completing my degree.”

Darnisha Loftis- McKnight

California State University, Fullerton

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication

“This foundation is amazing and truly represents what community and family mean. The foundation allowed me to tell my story to the younger generations with the hopes of inspiring them to continue their education. This foundation helped aid the youth during our journey and has always kept us in mind. I’m so grateful and happy that the legacy of this foundation will carry on.”

Stephanie Williams

Western State Colorado University

The Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation has helped me tremendously while I pursued my undergraduate degree. Fannie’s selfless dedication to educate and care for others supported me in pursuing my goals. Receiving this scholarship provided me with the support I needed to pay for unexpected costs during my undergraduate career. As an avid believer in higher education, I continued my education and received my MBA in one year. I am so grateful to the Fannie B. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Foundation and its continued support to Christian students in their journey of higher learning!

Aieshea Banks

California State University, Fullerton

2001 – B.A. - Communicative Disorders

2003 – M.A. Communicative Disorders

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science

“As the Great-Great-Granddaughter of Fannie B Bailey, I was taught the value of education from a young age. Attending college was always a dream of mine. It became a reality when I was accepted into California State University, Fullerton in my senior year of high school.

Attending college was new, exciting, a bit scary, and expensive. I was immediately encouraged by the members of the Fannie B Bailey Scholarship Foundation to apply for the scholarship. I used my scholarship funds to pay for books and other school supplies to assist me with my success.

Beyond the financial support, the Fannie B Bailey Scholarship Foundation provided many words of encouragement and numerous prayers of success. I applied for the scholarship funds and received the support, encouragement, and prayers throughout my journey as an undergraduate and graduate student.

In 2003, I received a Masters of Arts degree in Communicative Disorders. I began my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist where I provided assessment and intervention services to children and adolescents who have challenges with their communication skills.

Throughout my career, I have worked with children as young as 18 months old through adults with wisdom that expands to 99 years within the public schools, charter schools, private practice, and skilled nursing home settings. I enjoy going to middle schools and high schools to educate them on this career option to encourage more diversity within this profession.

I have mentored and supervised several student clinicians preparing them for their role as a professional SLP. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science where I am researching the social communication of Autistic Adults. I do not know how God will use me next in my journey, but I pray that he will continue to provide me with the heart of service.

During my academic journey, I always knew that I had a tribe of prayer warriors that helped to get through it all. I whole-heartedly believe that the prayers, encouragement, and financial support from the Fannie B Bailey Scholarship Foundation contributed to my success and overall well-being. I am beyond grateful for this foundation and God’s grace during my journey.”

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